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It is necessary that DPT-3 form is only filed by the companies who have accepted deposits. However, in January, 2019, the Ministry of Affairs (MCA) has issued a notification and inserted another rule which is 16A.

According to this rule, every company excluding government company has to file a ONE TIME RETURN for transactions which are not considered as deposit doesn’t matter if it is a small company or one person company, filing of DPT-3 form is mandatory.

Exempted Companies from filing the form

  • Banking Companies
  • Non-Banking Financial Company
  • A Housing Finance Company registered with National Housing Bank
  • Others as notified

Due date for filing DPT-3 form

The due date for filing annual return of  DPT–3 form is 30th  june of every year .For example, for year 2020-2021, the due date for DPT-3 was 30th  june 2021.


  • One time return
  • Annual return

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