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GSTR-9 is a compulsory form which is required to be filed by all the person which are registered as taxpayers. This annual return is excluded from casual taxpayers and non-resident taxpayers. This form consist of all the details of all the suppliers made and received under all the taxes.

Eligibility to file GSTR-9

The following eligibility to file GSTR-9 are:

  • One needs to be a registered taxpayer with 15digits PAN based GSTIN.
  • A person should not have a unique identification number and should not be a non-resident taxpayer.
  • The total turnover of a business should be more than 20lakh.
  • One needs to capture all the details of all the transactions at the invoice level for the entire year.

Who are not eligible to file GSTR-9

The following people are not eligible to file GSTR-9:

  • The persons who are non-resident taxpayers.
  • The person who is paying TDS.
  • The person who is a casual taxpayer.
  • The taxpayer who is opting for the composition scheme.
  • All the input service distributors.

Penalty for not filing GSTR-9 within due date

If the GSTR-9 is not filed within a due date than penalty is being laid on them. The penalty of Rs.200 under which Rs.100 is for SGST and another Rs.100 for CGST. It is also taken care that the penalty cannot exceed 0.25% of the total turnover.

Procedure for filing GSTR-9

  • The basic details of the taxpayer.
  • Details of all the outward and inward supplies declared during the financial year.
  • Details of the ITC as declared in the return files during the financial year.
  • Details of the tax which is paid.
  • Particulars of all the transactions.
  • All the remaining other information.

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