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E-way book is electronic way bill which is needed when we have to transport any goods and services. Movement of goods for job circumstances also need a E-way book even if the value of the product is less than Rs.50,000.

Who need to generate E-way bill

The following people need to generate E-way Bill:

1. Transporter: If the supplier has not generated an E-way Bill then the transporter who carries goods by road, rail, air ,etc needs to generate an E-way Bill.

2. Registered Person: E-way Bill is needed when there is movement of goods of more than Rs.50,000 in the form of a registered person. They can also carry an e-bill if the amount is less than Rs.50,000.

3. Unregistered Person: They are also required to generate an E-bill  but if the supply is made by the unregistered person to a registered person then the receiver needs to meet all the compliances.

Following cases where E-Bill is not required

1. When the mode of transport is non motor vehicle.

2. When empty cargo containers are transported.

3. When the goods are transported under customer supervision.

4. When the goods are being transported by rail where the sender of goods is the Central Government, State Governments or a local authority.

5. Some goods which are exempted from E-bill by GST rules.

Documents required to generate E-Bill

1. Bill of supply related to shipping of goods.

2. If he transport is done through road then vehicle number and the id of the transporter is required.

3. If the transport is done through rail, air or ship then transporter id, document number and the date of the document is required.

Uses of E-way Bill

1. This bill is compulsory for inter-state movement of goods when the value of goods exceeds Rs.50,000.

2. For the verification QR code is provided in E-way Bill.

3. Through Form EWB-01, the vehicle number can be added and updated.

4. Using GSTIN, the registered taxpayer can registered in a E-way Bill.

5. Unregistered person can also register in E-way bill just by providing their PAN and Aadhar.

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