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LUT refers to Letter of Undertaking. Using this document, exporters can file to export goods or services without paying taxes. The GST paid can be reclaimed by a refund.

Filing a GST LUT in Greater Noida is essential for those looking to export goods without paying IGST. This document is a declaration of commitment that must be provided to the relevant authorities. Without it, exports cannot take place. So, ensure that you have submitted your GST LUT to guarantee an easy and hassle-free export process.

Failing to file the GST LUT can leave you with a hefty IGST payment or an export bind. Companyadda is here to help make the process of GST LUT registration in Gurgaon an easy one – all you need to do is go online!

Consult our LUT Registration Service Provider Delhi, and begin exporting your products or services to foreign markets.

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