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A Director can resign from the company by giving a notice, email or letter to the board of directors of the company and the company will right away organize the board meeting and the complete truth of that resignation will be disclosed in the reports which will be displayed in the next general meeting.

Process of Director’s Resignation

  1. Resignation Notice: The resigning director should forward a notice for resignation describing the reason for the resignation with the actual date.
  2. Conduct a board meeting: After receiving a resignation notice, the next step is to conduct a board meeting to pass a note of resignation of the director and permit a director to file the return with the registrar of a company.
  3. Filing of return of resignation by company: A return of resignation of directorship in the form DIR-12 is needed to be filed within 30days of registration with the copy of board resolution together with resignation letter and once this form is approved by ROC then the details of director will be removed from MCA portal of respective company.
  4. Filing of return of resignation by director: The director who is resigning needs to submit the resignation to the registrar of a company in DIR-11 form together with a reason for resigning within 30days from resigning.

Responsibility of director after resignation

After resignation, director is not responsible for any of the offence occurred in the company and if somebody consider them liable then there resignation letter will be enough to prove them innocent.

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