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In an LLP only 2 partners can act as a designated partner who have designated partner identification number and their name must feature in the LLP partner agreement. In LLP designated partner can be easily appointed by various procedures.

Procedure for appointing designated partner

  1. Firstly we need to apply for digital signature certificate.
  2. After that we need to file a DIR-3 form to obtain director identification number along with the identity proof and address proof.
  3. After obtaining director identification number we need to call a meeting and draft a partnership deed in which the new partners name will be added.
  4. Then we need to obtain consent of the incoming partner.
  5. After all these process we need to file Form-4 along with the consent letter within 30days of appointment.
  6. Along with form-4 we need to file form-3 together with original partnership deed within 30days of appointment.
  7. Once both the forms are filled, the name of the designated partner will be added and can be seen on MCA portal.

The fees for both the forms is Rs.50 but it is filed after the 30days then the penalty per day is Rs.100.

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